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What do our parents say?

Parent Testimonials

“We like the faith-based aspect of The Children’s Center and that our daughter is learning bible stories.  Her favorite things to do at the center are singing the songs they teach, doing art projects and praying before meals.  The teachers are friendly and greet us when we are coming and going and they work with us when we have questions or concerns.  We have appreciated the support the staff has given us in things such as potty training our child.” 
- Tom and Rebecka Hoyt

“I like that The Children’s Center is christian-based, and that the program is focused on education.  I appreciate that even the children still in diapers can participate in the preschool activities.  My children like show-and-tell, circle time and outside play time (especially at Riverfront Park).  They benefit from the daily activities at the center such as art, educational lessons (letters, numbers, shapes) and bible stories.   I appreciate the positive, consistent reinforcement of rules and expectations with daily reports explaining the day’s activities, upcoming events and any issues during the day.  They benefit from interaction with children their own ages and interaction with adults other than their own parents.  My boys love the shows/programs they perform for the parents, and they love to make us gifts to open on Christmas, mother’s day and father’s day.”
- Erika Kirtdoll

“What I like best about The Children’s Center is the friendly atmosphere.  When I bring my son into the center he has about 20 hello’s before he reaches his classroom.  He loves story and music time and going outside to play.  One of the greatest benefits of bringing my son here is that it is an educational program, my son is learning while he’s at the center”
 -  Tamesha Carroll

“I love the fact that The Children’s Center is like a classroom setting and I enjoy the artwork that I receive.  The daily sheets with information about the child’s day are an awesome idea.  Olivia loves playing outside and she also loves show and tell.  The teachers are terrific and she loves them as well as all of the friends she has made.  I appreciate the safe environment and I see a lot of progress in her learning since she has been here.  Thank you!  You guys do an awesome job.”
- Amy Canfield

“My children love The Children’s Center because of the number of friends they have in a fun, safe and structured environment.  They love the teachers and the activities they get to do.  My three year-old son loves that he get to go to “school”.  His favorite part of the day is craft time, and he is so excited to show me what he made each day.  He also loves to play outside!    He has “crawled out of his shell” since he’s been here.  He talks about his friends and teachers all of the time.  He has really developed a sense of pride in his school.  His drawing and writing have also blossomed in the past two months since he’s been here.  I love that the staff really goes out of their way to make my children feel special, even when we see staff outside of the center.  I also so much appreciate being able to take my school-age child on days when he doesn’t have school.  You have made my life easier and my kids are so happy!”
- Linda Dyszkiewicz

“Before putting Jaysin into daycare there were so many concerns I had... would he hit other students or be aggressive with the teachers?  After day 1 that wasn’t an issue.  In the morning our routine is that mommy gets ready, then Jaysin gets ready.  All I have to say to him is “time for school, Mrs. A is waiting to play!”  No fussing, no tantrum, he’s up and ready!  Even before we are through the doors he is running to his classroom.  His teachers are amazing and very involved with Jaysin and his classmates.  I am glad I made the choice to send him here!”
- Elizabeth Dorsey

“Our favorite things about The Children’s Center are the wonderful activities that they plan, especially in the summer.  My boys get a visit from the ice cream truck, they take field trips to the library and they get to play at Riverfront Park on sunny days.  They love the fun and awesome staff who take care of them, especially Miss Judy.”
- Abbi Wegner

“I have 2 year-old twin boys that have been at The Children’s Center since they were 5 months old.  My boys have learned how to walk, and lots of other fundamentals since they’ve been attending the center.  Sometimes I am just amazed at what they know.  The staff at The Children’s Center truly care for the children, and it really matters to me.  I am glad I have someone I can trust my children with and I don’t have to spend my day worrying if they’re okay.  Thank You!”
-Rhonda Thomas

“Our daughter Lydia loves coming to The Children’s Center.  As an only child this allows her to socialize with other children and to learn in a classroom environment, to prepare her for kindergarten.  She comes home having had a full day of fun, arts and crafts, and learning.  She is challenged and encouraged.  As a working mom, I love knowing I can leave her there and she gets this exciting and educational environment with staff that I trust and have become friends with.”
- Barb Chappell

“I am very thankful for the care my daughter receives at The Children’s Center.  I work third shift, so my daughter attends during the day while I get some sleep.  It’s so nice being able to sleep during the day knowing that my child is in good hands.  She gets time to play with friends and is even learning so much.  I wouldn’t choose any other daycare for her to attend.”
- Amanda Price

“Mrs. Bradley is the reason we chose The Children’s Center when my son was only seven months old.  Her calm spirit, genuine concern and the firm redirection we observed as we toured the facility was the ultimate reason we picked The Children’s Center over the others.  She is also the reason we chose the center when our daughter was born.  Daycare is expensive and we tried to shop other facilities, but keep “coming back” to The Children’s Center because it just feels right when we walk out of the door.  I can go to work in peace, knowing my children are blessed.  In the year we have been part of The Children’s Center family we have also come to appreciate other staff members and their kindness toward our family, especially Laurie, Cathy and Sue.”
- Robert and Brandee Taylor

“We decided to enroll our son in preschool mostly for the social interaction benefits.  We were amazed after his second day of school when he was speaking in longer sentences and using more vocabulary.  He is doing amazing with writing his own name!  We look forward to seeing the artwork and projects he creates.  All of the staff members are compassionate and friendly.”
- Stephanie Reed