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At The Children's Center, nothing is more important than helping your baby feel safe and loved.  Snuggling babies that are sleepy and holding them,  holding them when we feed them their bottles, talking to them while we change their diapers and reading to them and singing with them at play time are just a few ways that we love to spend our day in the infant room.

​The loving touch at The Children's Center

Kayla G.  Niles, MI

Amazing In Every Way Possible!

The Children's Center has been absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend them to other people. My 18-month-old son goes to their daycare and he has been really enjoying them. Even though we haven't been there very long, the employees are amazing and my son is having so much fun! I can tell that he really wants to be there.

In the time that he has been attending The Children's Center, his speech has gotten better and he has gotten great at sign language, too! The employees go above and beyond to make sure that he is being taken care of both physically and mentally.

Thank you for being so amazing!

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  • Formula and baby food provided

  • Free diapers and wipes

  • Baby sign language taught

  • Strong emphasis on relationships - we LOVE first and teach second

Every infant and toddler has a primary caregiver who diapers, feeds and cares for him or her.   Primary caregivers have up to 4 babies in their primary care group.  There is a strong emphasis on developing relationships with the small group of infants, keeping their routine consistent and providing a warm, loving environment for the infants in our care.  

Niles (269) 683-0405

St. Joseph (888) 926-0405

Our infant teachers use Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos.  Every day activities are planned that help infants and toddlers to take new steps in their development.  For infants, activities may include encouraging a baby to reach for a toy, supporting an older infant who is eager to start crawling, or celebrating as that almost-toddler begins to take first steps.

Our toddlers are beginning to explore dramatic play as they care for their baby dolls, they are practicing their large motor skills as they bounce, kick and throw balls and they are learning to love reading stories and being read to.

In all of our infant and toddler rooms, baby sign language is being taught so that babies not yet able to speak can communicate  and let us know when they are hungry, thirsty or tired.

Our infant and toddler program is centered around the babies needs, both physical and emotional, and we will always LOVE first and teach second.

Curriculum at The Children's Center